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PhD positions in the Cluster of Excellence "Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture"

We are currently seeking applicants for two PhD positions relating to data management within the interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence "Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture" (IntCDC).

The vision of IntCDC is to harness the full potential of digital technologies in order to rethink design, fabrication and construction based on integration and interdisciplinarity, with the goal of enabling game-changing innovation in the building sector as it can only occur through highly integrative fundamental research in an interdisciplinary, large-scale research undertaking.

A major obstacle for innovation in architecture and the building sector is the compartementalised nature of research on digital technologies, which separately addresses either the area of design and engineering methods, or fabrication and construction processes, or material and building systems. In order to explore the full potential of computation for ground-breaking advancement, it is vital to adopt an integrative research approach that innovates across all these areas simultaneously. Our goal is to develop an overarching methodology of co-design of methods, processes and systems, cross-sectoral socio-cultural studies and building demonstrators.

In this context, the Data Engineering group at the IPVS is seeking candidates for the following PhD positions.

Integrative data processing for connected cyberphysical off-site and on-site construction

A significant obstacle concerning the co-design approach at the center of IntCDC is a centralized data management. Even if this obstacle has been targeted from different perspectives in the past, utilizing data models and formats in the domain building engineering as well as from the domain of mechanical and plant engineering, it has not been solved till today. The models represent the flow alongside the process chain. However, a backflow of information is out of scope for most approaches. This research project aims at addressing this shortcoming by creating a central data management platform with a standardized syntax and semantic that is shared throughout the whole process chain and supports interoperability between all stages, demonstrated by a co- design approach for an adaptive production system.

Data management and artificial intelligence approaches for data-integrated computational design, simulation, and fabrication

The overarching goal of this project is to capture and leverage various forms of data to enable co-design between different phases of building individual fibre-based modules to be used as part of long-span buildings. Towards reaching this goal, we first focus on data-based co-design for the design, simulation, and fabrication of the aforementioned components. As of today, these different phases are typically performed sequentially and no data is systematically captured, transferred, or analysed between these for (subsequent) optimization of the production process of similar modules.

Candidates should at least satisfy the following requirements:
  • Excellent Master degree in Computer Science (or equivalent)
  • Proficient in writing and speaking English
  • Knowledge in data management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player and motivated to work in an interdisciplinary project
  • Self-organized, creative, and autonomous
To apply, please send the following application documents in a single PDF by email to Prof. Dr. Melanie Herschel. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.
  • A brief motivation letter
  • A short CV
  • Scan of transcripts of your Master degree
  • At least two links to papers or reports you have written so far (e.g., your BSc and MSc theses, seminar papers, or even peer-reviewed publications)
  • Optionally, also provide a link to GitHub or similar
Bewerbungsfrist July 14, 2019