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Nautilus Systems Research

Transformation lifecycle management
ProjekttypSystems Research
Gefördert durch Haushalt
Beginn 2011
Leiter Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Herschel
Kooperationspartner University of Tübingen, University Paris South, INRIA

“The deepest parts of [data transformation] are totally unknown to us. No soundings have been able to reach them. What goes on in those distant depths? What [data and transformations] inhabit, or could inhabit, those regions […]? What is the constitution of these […]? It’s almost beyond conjecture.” A slightly altered version of an excerpt of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Chapter II.


Database developers may formulate a thought similar to the one above when designing or modifying database applications that derive data by applying queries or, in general, transformations to source data. Indeed, using declarative languages such as SQL to specify queries, developers often face the problem that they cannot properly inspect or debug their query or transformation code. The Nautilus systems is a platform that incorporates research on various techniques to support the analysis, the evolution, and the testing of data transformations.


The Nautilus system was developed and extended over several years at different locations: University of Tübingen, University Paris South, INRIA, and University of Stuttgart. It has been partially funded by by the Eliteprogramm für Postdoktorandinnen und Postdoktoranden der Baden-Würrtemberg Stiftung, an AAP Grant of Université Paris Sud, a CNRS software maturation grant, and INRIA.