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Why-Not Foundational Research

Explaining missing query answers
ProjekttypFoundational Research
Gefördert durch Haushalt
Beginn 2009
Leiter Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Herschel

Our work on Why-Not provenance focuses on theory and algorithms to explain why some tuples are not part of a query result, even though developers or users expected them to be. We have developed various algorithms producing instance-based explanations (Artemis [VLDB09,VLDB10]), query-based explanations (NedExplain [EDBT14], Ted [TAPP14,CIKM15]), and hybrid explanations (Conseil [CIKM13, JDIQ15]). The algorithms developed here are part of the Nautilus system.

Prior to joining the University of Stuttgart, work related to Why-Not provenance has been partly funded by IBM Research, the Eliteprogramm für Postdoktorandinnen und Postdoktoranden der Baden-Würrtemberg Stiftung, and an AAP Grant of Université Paris Sud.

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