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Research focus

The field of Data Engineering encompasses technologies related to processing and transforming any kind of data into a useful format for further analysis. These data may for instance be structured data from enterprise databases, semi- or unstructured Web data, or streaming data in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The data engineering group in Stuttgart works on various steps of data engineering with the overarching goal to automatically and transparently refine data from its raw state into a state ready for use in various real-life applications. Currently, we are particularly interested in algorithms and tools for data annotation, data cleaning, and data integration as well as foundations and practical implementations of provenance management to trace complex data engineering processes. Another research focus of the group are languages, algorithms, and tools that support users in complex data processing through data exploration or process analysis solutions. Finally, we study data management techniques to empower fair, accountable, and transparent data analysis. We typically target our data engineering techniques to data exploration and data analytics applications.

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For more information on recent research activities, please consult our group overview page.