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Evaluation of different semantic web data models in perspective of Productive 4.01 on the example of Infineon’s online sales and marketing platform
Betreuer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Herschel
Prüfer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Herschel
Infineon Technologies AG aka Infineon, a semiconductor company, is a partner in the European project Productive 4.0 responsible for task 7.3 “Open Online Sales and Marketing Platform (OOSMP) for end-to-end Value Generation in the Distribution and Mass Market Segment”. For Task 7.3, Infineon’s goal is to concept, implement and test a platform for customers based on self- service principle. The solution finder2 tool implemented by Infineon as part of the OOSMP enables the user to find suitable products to their applications. The current implementation of the platform requires that a user has solid background knowledge about different applications and products. The implemented scenario allows the user to first choose an industry of interest; a list of all relevant solutions to the industry chosen is shown. After choosing the required solution, the user is guided to a set of parameters to adjust so that finally a set of products is presented to select and buy from. The current data model only allows to follow such a sequence. This limited scope and rigid sequence prevents a user with limited knowledge about different industries and correlations with applications to benefit from the platform to the maximum. Within the scope of this thesis, the objective is to explore different data models and evaluate each with respect to some key performance indicators specifically defined for the case of the OOSMP. The goal is to allow any user, regardless of their background knowledge to reach satisfying solutions to their applications.