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3rdHandRobot  Forschungsprojekt

3rdHandRobot Project
Gefördert durch EU
Beginn 01.10.2013
Leiter Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marc Toussaint
Mitarbeiter Baisero, Andrea
Ngo, Vien

In the 3rdHandRobot Project, we want to develop a semi-autonomous robot assistant that acts as a third hand of a human worker. It will be straightforward to instruct even by an untrained layman worker, allow for efficient knowledge transfer between tasks and enable a effective collaboration between a human worker with a robot third hand. The main contributions of this project will be the scientific principles of semi-autonomous human-robot collaboration, a new semi-autonomous robotic system that is able to: i) learn cooperative tasks from demonstration; ii) learn from instruction; and iii) transfer knowledge between tasks and environments.