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Parallele Systeme


Leitung:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Simon
Sekretariat:  Timo Schweizer
telefon.gif +49 711 685 88390
mailtoicon.gif pas@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de

Research Focus

The research of the department of Parallel Systems focuses on high performance hardware/software systems for real-time imaging and sensor systems. In the following, details of the research topic and how it is related to the application domain imaging and sensor systems are presented:

High Performance Hardware/Software Systems for

Real-Time Imaging and Sensor Systems

The processing of data captured by high-speed 2D or 3D imaging and sensor systems in real-time requires parallel hardware architectures with suited parallelized algorithms forming high performance hardware/software systems. For intelligent sensor systems the hardware and software is integrated into the sensor system. An important class of such high performance hardware/software systems are systems based on reconfigurable computing using field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). This architectural approach requires dedicated algorithms suited for this fine grain parallelism of FPGAs. An example of a high-speed 2D imaging sensor system with an integrated and dedicated FPGA-based hardware architecture for real-time image analysis is shown in Fig 1.

Fig.1: High performance hardware/ software system for real-time image analysis with 10.000fps in process engineering [6].

Fig.2: High performance volume data processing, spark plug, X-Ray image, CT cross section image, isosurface.

Fig.3: CT and projection of a snake (vipera aspis, black forest), stomach contents analysis for research in biology.

For high performance volume data processing, computed tomography (CT) - see Fig. 2 - is a good example for which as high performance hardware/software system a general purpose computer is used with additional accelerator hardware mostly based on graphics processing units (GPUs) and parallel software written e.g. in OpenCL.