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Software Praktika: Themen 2009
Betreuer Dipl.-Inf. Simeon Wahl

We can offer several projects in the areas of parallel programming on GPU/Multicore CPUs, computer architecture, and design & implementation of codecs for image, video and sci data compression. Some of the currently available topics for Research&Development are:

  • Simulator for Processor Architectures with Memory Compression
  • Software-based Data Prefetching and Compression on Multi/Manycore Processors
  • Reconfigurable Adaptive Compression System
  • Design of a parallel compression library for GPGPUs and Multicore processors
  • Implementation&Optimization of Producer-Consumer patterns on Manycore Processors
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art video compression algorithms for parallel systems like FPGAs or GPUs.

Please send me an email to wahlsn@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de with your name and a short description of interests.

The project will be conducted at the Chair for Parallel Systems at IPVS, in a modern computing environment providing access to the latest graphics hardware and development utilities.

A genuine interest in the topic and the disposition to experimenting. Working language: German or English.
Good C programming knowledge is a big plus.

Benefits for you

This project provides an opportunity to learn the art of parallel programming on modern massively-parallel graphics cards, get a better feeling of computer architecture details, and/or further advance the programming skills. The experience acquired during this project may be of critical importance when applying for a job in the field!

If you are interested to work on this topic, send an application email to: Simeon Wahl (wahlsn@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de)