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Parallel Design and Implementation of EBCOT Coder for JPEG2000
Betreuer Dipl.-Inf. Simeon Wahl


JPEG2000, Part 1 (the core system), is a published international ISO standard (ISO 15444). It offers both lossless and lossy compression and provides much better image quality at smaller filesizes than JPG does. JPEG2000 baseline system comprises of wavelet transform, followed by quantization and an advanced entropy coding block (EBCOT) that accounts for the big part of JPEG2000 compression efficiency.

The goal of this project will be to analyze parallelization potential of encoding layer of JPEG2000 and to implement it in parallel on a modern CUDA-compatible graphics card or an FPGA

 In this project you will have the opportunity to work on:

  • State-of-the-art image compression standard, JPEG-2000
  • Graphics card programming on the CUDA architecture for nVidia GeForce GPUs
  • Design and implementation of Embedded Block Coding with Optimal Truncation engine in parallel (EBCOT)
  • Optimization for fast execution on latest massively-parallel graphics hardware

The project is to be conducted at the Chair for Parallel Systems at IPVS, in a modern computing environment providing access to the latest graphics hardware and development utilities. The scope of the project will be adjusted to the requirements and duration of the thesis or project that you would like to complete.

Contact: ana.balevic@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de