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SimTech - Mobile Simulations Exzellenz-Cluster "Simulation Technology"

SimTech: Mobile Simulations
ProjekttypExzellenz-Cluster "Simulation Technology"
Gefördert durch Exzellenzinitiative
Beginn 2013/12/01
Leiter Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h. c. Kurt Rothermel
Mitarbeiter Dibak, Christoph
Ansprechpartner Dibak, Christoph
Dürr, Frank

Most IoT devices embed sensors that can feed simulations enabling novel applications. In particular, we are interested in simulations utilizing mobile devices, allowing for instance to execute simulations “in the field”. A typical example could be structural engineer who wants to simulate the current state of a building, bridge, or similar based on collected sensor values. Using a mobile augmented-reality headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens, the engineer can visualize simulation results in real-time, and evaluate planned changes to the architecture on-site.  

Typically, simulations are compute-intensive requiring both, long time to calculate on a mobile device and lots of limited battery resources. To solve these problems, we investigate how to enable distributed mobile simulations. The basic idea is to offload parts of the simulation to a powerful remote cloud computing infrastructure or a nearby edge cloud infrastructure (“fog”) to increase efficiency. Using optimized simulation methods and a careful consideration of the trade-off between communication overhead, computation overhead, and required quality of simulation results, we can achieve a significant reduction of energy consumption and execution time to bring even complex simulations to mobile devices.

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